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VOMOS, Luxury On-Demand

Simplifying Premium Travel Experiences Through Technology. VOMOS started with a simple idea: Utilize technology to develop the safest, most convenient and cost-effective way for travelers to fly, ride, stay, float, do and enjoy premium experiences all in one marketplace...right from the palm of their hands.


Can I use a debit card?

It is highly recommended that a credit card is used when making any reservation. Acceptance of debit cards is at the sole discretion of each asset owner. Vehicle rental asset owners will also require further forms of identification, proof of insurance and may perform a credit check. *Cash, pre-paid cards and gift cards are not accepted for any type of reservation.

When will be my credit card will be charged?

An authorization will be taken within 24 hours of a purchase.How long in advance should I make a reservation?It is always recommended that you reserve and place a deposit on your desired rental as soon as you know the dates that you would like to rent. The earlier you reserve will help to ensure you receive the rental of your choice, your desired time and date. Be sure to ask about rental policies and cancellation procedures before placing any reservation.

Must be a certain age to rent?

The minimum requirement for most vehicle rentals is 25 years of age. In some countries and circumstances the minimum age requirement may be 21 years of age.

What happens if I needed to cancel?

Cancellations are subject to each asset owner's policies. It is always recommended that you ask and understand all cancellation policies before placing a reservation. Most people buy travel insurance in case an unexpected event disrupts their travel plans.

Why choose a home rental over a hotel?

It's simple - you can rent an entire home for half the cost of a hotel! In addition to the affordability, home rentals come complete with additional space and amenities. Most homes have fully equipped kitchens, multiple bedrooms and even pools. Families and friends have more room to relax and enjoy a memorable experience.

Who rents vacation homes?

Everybody! Vacation rental homes have grown in popularity because of their inherent value, extra space, privacy and amenities such as kitchens, private pools and barbecue grills, that you won't find at a hotel. It's particularly great for families and groups who want extra room to spread out and relax without spending their entire budget on accommodations. Whether you are planning a girls' getaway, golf trip, winery and food tour, a romantic weekend, or a corporate retreat, a vacation home is a great alternative to hotels.

What happens if I have to cancel?

If we can re-book the yacht, all of the funds you've paid are happily returned. If it is not rebooked, all funds paid are forfeited. Many people choose to buy travel insurance just in case an unexpected event disrupts their travel plans.